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That's why professionals make a distinction between Cued Speech, Cued English, and Cued language.Where the Americans with Disabilities Act Falls Short Blog topic written by Hannah Mann The ADA is a marvelous legislative tool.The overwhelming majority of Deaf/deaf1 adults (90%–95%) have hearing children (Schein, 1989), which “places inevitable pressure on child-rearing and family life” (Allsop & Kyle, 1997, p. Such families bridge the divide between the deaf and hearing worlds, thus facing unique communication and parenting challenges (Clark, 2003).Additionally, the majority of Deaf/deaf adults (90%–95%) have hearing parents showing the one-generational nature of the Deaf community (Allsop & Kyle, 1997).It makes us put things in perspective, to marvel at the changes, the normality of things people would think are not normal life. Naturally, this entailed a lot of reading about the d/hh community– most of it from hearing writers who had no experience whatsoever with that world.How to Write about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Blog topic written by Hannah Mann or three years I worked at Strength, Inspiration and our Inner Champion Blog topic written by Le Ann Caseria Hearing loss came upon me suddenly, there was no time to gradually get used to it.

This study has implications for Deaf parents, and professionals working, planning, and implementing social, psychological, and educational support services to Deaf-parented families.

We provide assistance and empowerment to help the individual to obtain the communication access he/she needs such as interpreting services and CART. has many community representation in many organizations for information and resource sharing.

We are fortunate to have a strong network of resources that allow us to provide information and referral to our deaf/hard of hearing and hearing individuals.

Illona Smith’s involvement with deaf ministry started many years ago, the first exposure being through a Deaf co-worker. After a short time, he began to teach her American Sign Language (ASL).

He told Illona that his entire hearing family went to church regularly but he never got much out of it because there was no sign language interpreter for him. Because of his encouragement, she attended school, workshops, seminars, and deaf-related activities to learn to give God her best.

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