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Category: Waterbodies & Other Wetlands Location: Berry’s Creek is located on the western side of the Hackensack River, running along NJSEA Sports Complex Walden Marsh, Berry’s Creek Marsh, Lyndhurst Landfill, Rutherford Landfill, Bellemeade Mitigation, and Lyndhurst Riverside Marsh. The creek flows through East Rutherford into Rutherford, then along the boundary of Rutherford and Lyndhurst out to the Hackensack River in Bergen County. Berry’s Creek Canal is located to the east of the Hackensack River along the northern boundary of Oritani Marsh in East Rutherford, Bergen County. The samples were collected during three seasonal events at three Hackensack River sites chosen to depict conditions throughout the estuary – Diamond Shamrock, Sawmill Creek, and Berry’s Creek. Also set fish sampling nets in Berry’s Creek Canal and Sawmill Creek. Current Land Use: Open Water Site Description: Berry’s Creek and Berry’s Creek Canal converge just south of the Route 3 Bridge. Wetland delineation for Block 231, Lot 8 in Lyndhurst for Wilson Associates. No freshwater wetlands were found onsite, but a delineation of the spring high tide mark (3.8-feet) determined the extent of tidal wetlands. CT scans are described as high-tech all the time, even by people complaining about them.It would seem to me there isn’t really a conspiracy and “high-tech” is just phrase associated with CT scans.Berry’s Creek Canal is located to the east of the Hackensack River along the northern boundary of Oritani Marsh in East Rutherford, Bergen County.

I’m somewhat skeptical that describing a CT scan as high-tech is part of some brainwashing campaign.After monitoring data, sediment, water and fish for seven years at Berry's Creek, the Environmental Protection Agency now recommends a cap and dredge, but any cleanup is at least four years away.The creek is named for Major John Berry an early British settler and deputy governor.Berry's Creek's colorful history includes use as a 20th-century commerce route, Prohibition-era bootlegging and a drainage ditch during the industrial boom up into the 1970s, with the latter sealing the creek's murky fate as mercury and other toxins flowed in.Tittel has been waiting for action on Berry’s Creek for three decades.

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But in case there is a real problem I shall endeavour to only call them CT scans in this post, lest all my readers see “high tech” and become brainwashed.

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