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Onlookers said he seemed really upset by that, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to admit the relationship after that.Also, it’s obvious he really doesn’t want to talk about his relationship in interviews and denying he has one is the best way to get around that. That is upsetting to hear and there will always be horrible people out there – that won’t go away.October 3th, 2014, pm– We are getting spoiled these days with some amazing Rupert Grint news and it seems like we might just have a lot more amazingness coming up.Tonight, The Mirror has released a brand new interview they have done with Rupert and we learn so many new lovely things about him – this interview touches on anything from money, new pets, a potential girlfriend and even religion.On the verge of turning 15, grown-up-to-be Georgia sets her sights on the new guy at school, “gorgeous sex-god” Robbie, band member of the Stiff Dylans.Unfortunately, Robbie happens to already be dating Georgia’s evil archrival: blonde and perfect Lindsay.His first role was in a Top Hat Stage and Screen School production of Noah's Ark, where he played a fish.

I am hoping for a sequel and I'm glad they are going out to America with it.

He and Georgia Groome have been together for awhile, they have been seen togehter numerous times, she went to Brussels and she was just in NY with him. He doesn’t have to name her but he should at least acknowledge the relationship.

Re: the above comment: He admitted in a interview for Mojo last year that he had a girlfriend, and after that interview came out, Georgia got a lot of hate online, and apparently one girl insulted her to Rupert’s face in a bar after a Mojo performance.

In 2001, he appeared in the fantasy film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for his role as Ron Weasley.

It’s hard not to like and admire a low-budget British genre flick when it’s written by a young English actor and directed by his friend, even if the writer has given himself the lead role.

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This is one amazing film, I have read all the books and the film just tops everything off.

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