Speed dating teaching technique

Speed dating is a strategy to “spice” up your classroom. Each student is assigned a character, reads the description and studies the character.

The concept is to have two rows of students each with a concept or person to teach. They fill out a chart with the information and of course, have textual evidence to support findings.

actually meant the teacher would do most of the talking; He would throw out a couple of questions like “So what did you think about the video? ” and a few students would respond, resulting in something that like a discussion, but was ultimately just a conversation between the teacher and a handful of extroverted students; a classic case of Fisheye Teaching.

Behind the scenes, we set up our auditorium with exam desks around the entire room.Put a timer on and give them each a minute to talk about their person or concept, then switch. Here are some ideas on how to use this in your own class. The students all have templates to fill out as they interact.You could use this for any story or play that has several characters. Our American history teacher used this to teach the Progressive Era. I know I am stretching here and maybe math people could help me out by mentioning ideas in the comments.During class time, students are given a set of questions they are required to answer on their own, then in separate groups, then as a class.This scenario allows students the ability to interact with one another in a more active and collaborative manner, explaining and defending their personal answers to questions, as well as their group conclusions.

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