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There are about 600,000 speakers in the north of Spain, the entire province of Guipzcoa, in addition to the provinces of Vizcaya and Navarra and some areas in Alava.However, Basque is not only spoken in Spain, you will also find Basque people in the French Atlantic Pyrenees (approx. The origin of the Basque is not really traceable and there have been a number of hypotheses.This also has a lot to do with the way we express ourselves; thus we have several languages, all of them official, which demonstrate our diversity and our rich heritage; (in case that you were not aware of this, Spanish's real name is Castillian, and therefore, when referring to the other languages you will read about Castillian).We have developed this page to introduce them to you: El Euskera, or the Basque language, is spoken in the northern central area of Spain (where the Pyrennes meet the Cantabrian Sea) and it is nowadays written with Latin alphabet.This Mediterranean vacation takes you from Rome to Paris to Madrid skirting some of the Mediterranean coast, with many fascinating stops and scenic drives along the way.

When completed the Church will have three faades; the Nativity faade was constructed between 18 and has three porticos, Hope, Faith and Charity.Since 1982, Euskera is the official language of the Basque provinces together with Castillian.The orographic features of the region have contributed to maintaining its linguistic diversity, which cause some linguists, based on the intercommunicative difficulties, to claim the existence of seven different Basque languages.If you plan to hire a car, don't bother picking one up until day 3.While there is ample parking around the city, much like most of Spain, getting around on foot or using the relatively cheap metro system is a lot more convenient and relaxing.

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