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In fact, Arbaaz Khan’s Instagram account has several pics of the beauty and even the mighty khan confirmed it to a daily.

“My association with Malaika’s family is as long as my association with Malaika.

It doesn’t have as many Africans as Athens but it’s very different to anything I have ever experienced before in other european cities.

| Strolling along the roads as the day draws near to an end – I am reminded of back home | There is a certain ‘African city’ feel to Bucharest.

In Bucharest, not many people care about dating anymore, the relationships are at loose; I think is not trendy anymore to have a girlfriend/boyfriend…that will probably make a very interesting sociological investigation.

and Salman Khan’s brother, is in a relationship with a Romanian girl Alexandra Camelia and it’s not the Goa-based restaurant owner Yellow, who was earlier believed to be his love interest.

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