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The Sabres, however, are technically the home team for that game.

Eichel compiled 27 goals and 57 points in 61 games last season.

Mc David just won the Hart Trophy and posted the NHL’s only 100-point season.

He generated offense without shirking his defensive responsibilities. is he loves to play and he loves to be at the rink and he’s always got a smile on, and that’s contagious.

“Somebody establishing himself as a very dependable, responsible defensive (player) without negotiating offense, there’s no question they’re going to have opportunities to go forward,” Bazin told the Times Herald by phone Thursday, hours after Smith inked his entry-level deal. The modern NHL is an ultra-tight, systems-oriented league. “He understood that the better defensively he plays, the better off he gets,” Bazin said. “The blue-collar thing, yeah, he is from blue-collar roots.

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