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If you recently updated your i Phone firmware, or jailbroke/unlocked your i Phone to use it with a different carrier, you may have encountered the following error: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Cellular Data Service This error often appears after jailbreaking and/or unlocking and it is mostly characterized by the fact that your i Phone can’t connect to the internet using the cellular data network, and you can’t send text messages anymore.

The first thing to do in that case is to reset the network settings and reboot your i Phone.

An office window works well, but you may have problems receiving signals in the inner area of buildings.

In general, metal blocks GPS signals, while glass, wood, or plastic does not.

Note that there are many carriers listed there and that it might take you a bit of scrolling down to get you where you want. It will exit Safari, and take you to the settings application.

Finally, just tap “Install” and this will set up your custom APN on your i Phone.

Even large number of members of other Associations/Unions also willingly took part in the strike. Circle Secretary along with Com RK Shukla Circle Treasurer met Shri Karuna Raman GM (Finance) today.

Check out the list below: Huawei E5776 is most capable 4G and 3G Wi-Fi hotspot.Moreover, SNEA UPE is not involved in printing/selling of diaries, etc. List of remaining SDEs Today, Joint forum mainly comprising of SNEA, AIGETOA & BSNLEU made history.After continuous persuasion of Association, APARs (especially of year 2015-16) of 106 SDEs has been sent to BSNL Corporate Office. In whole UPE Circle, thousands of our valiant Executives/Non-Executives of Joint forum participated in one day strike.You bought a smartphone recently and want to use its GPS navigation service, but are not sure if it actually uses your mobile’s internet service or not?Well, this is a most common question that each one of us would have and I am trying to dig deep into how the whole thing works here. You will need to have a clear view of the skies so the receiver can triangulate at least three satellites.

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